The Park Orchards Kindergarten is located in a beautiful bush garden setting and provides an environment where your child will be happy, productive and creative.

Our Teaching Philosophy

To create an environment where young children can develop and grow a positive and healthy self-esteem and a strong sense of wellbeing.

 The Park Orchards Kindergarten provides your children with a learning environment that is especially set up for them. It is safe and manageable, because it is designed for this particular age group - everything is their size. Therefore they can learn to function as an independent being, separate from their family. Educators encourage children and families to contribute ideas of interests and this forms an important basis for curriculum decisions.

At Park Orchards Kindergarten, children will make many discoveries about themselves, others and their world. They will learn how to manage the equipment and the routines, how to relate to other adults and children, how to play alone and with others, what it means to be a member of a group, how to express emotions in socially acceptable ways, develop problem solving skills and ask for help when needed. In order for them to achieve success, they need to feel secure and happy within their Pre-school environment. One way for this to develop is for the children to see that you feel positive and confident, and that you and the staff relate well and can be trusted.

Therefore, it is very important that parents and staff work as a team sharing openly and honestly with each other, and respecting each other's personhood.