Park Orchards Kindergarten's Teaching Philosophy

To support preschool children in establishing a strong sense of wellbeing and grow and develop a positive self-esteem, in a happy and creative environment during their early learning years.

Park Orchards Kindergarten offers 3 and 4 year old early learning programs that provide children with an educational learning environment especially designed for their preschool age group.  The Kinder is located within Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs in a beautiful bush setting and provides children with an opportunity to reach their full potential through an individual play-based curriculum.

At Park Orchards Kindergarten, children will make many discoveries about themselves, others and their world. They will learn how to manage the equipment and the routines, how to relate to other adults and children, how to play alone and with others, what it means to be a member of a group, how to express emotions in socially acceptable ways, develop problem solving skills and ask for help when needed.

In order for them to achieve success, they need to feel secure and happy within their Preschool environment. We recognise and value the role of families in their child’s life and support a collaborative approach to the learning journey.

Download our Kinder Brochure

Download our Kinder Brochure