To maximise priority, an application must be made in the month of the child’s 2nd birthday.

To qualify for the 3 year old program, your child must turn three years old by Jan 31st in the year of attendance.

The ‘Application Form(s)’ must be completed and returned with the following:

  1.  A non refundable application fee payment of $25, per child – bank details below. (If you are making an application for both 3 and 4 year old Kindergarten, only one fee applies.)
  2. A copy of your child’s birth certificate.
  3. A copy of your child’s immunisation status (formal statement from Medicare or signed medical exemption). In line with Government policy, children cannot be enrolled at the centre without this information. Further information available at
  4. Proof of address (e.g. copy of gas / electricity bill, rates notice, etc.)


ACCOUNT NAME: Park Orchards Kindergarten
BSB: 633000
REFERENCE: “App or Application” followed by your surname

NOTE: Separate application forms must be completed for the 3 and 4 year old programs. A 3 year old application does not cover both programs

3 Year Old Enrolment Application

Child's Surname (required)

Child's Given Names (required)

Gender (required)

Address (required)

Postcode (required)

Home Phone (required)

Parent Name (required)

Work/Mobile Phone (required)

Occupation (required)

Email (required)

Parent 2 Name

Work/Mobile Phone

Occupation 2

Email 2

Parent 2 address (if different)

Emergency Contact Name (required)

Emergency Contact Phone (required)

Child's Birth Date (required)

Year of attendance - 3 year old (required)

Have any other children in your family attended our kindergarten? (required)

Language spoken at home (required)

Are there any special needs relevant to your child's development? If yes, please specify and provide supporting documentation identifying specific disability or developmental delay. (required)

Is your child registered with a support agency? (required)

Copies of documentation required can either be a scanned file or a quality readable photo of the documentation. Max file size is 1mb

Upload a copy of your child's birth certificate (required)

Upload a copy of your child's immunisation status (required)

Upload a copy of proof of address (required)

Date Form Completed (required)