In 1960, a group of Park Orchards women began a five year journey lobbying and raising funds to build a Kindergarten in Park Orchards.

After several years of work, Park Orchards Kindergarten officially opened 7 June, 1965.  Much of the original equipment was either made locally or by the Ladies’ Auxilliary.

The first enrolment intake was 50 children.  Miss Eira Reed was the first Director, appointed in February 1965.  No funding was available until the Kindergarten opened, so the local Council stepped in and offered her a temporary clerical position until the building was complete and the Kindergarten could begin operating.

The first four teachers at Park Orchards Kindergarten were here for over 20 years.  With an average of 50 children a year, for 20 years, that’s 1000 Park Orchards children.  Imagine the stories they could tell!

The founding staff were Miss Eira Reed, Mrs Florence Randall, Mrs Dorothy Hardy and Mrs Kerry Coe.

Although the Kindergarten has undergone many changes over the last 50 years, one thing has remained strong – the dedication and support of our local community.