curriculum park orchards kinder
curriculum park orchards kinder

Park Orchards Kinder offer both 3 and 4 year old early learning programs.

Within our programs we provide your children with an environment that is especially set up for them. It is safe and manageable, because it is designed for this particular age group – everything is their size, ensuring they can function independently.

Children will learn:

  • how to manage the equipment and the routines.
  • how to relate to other adults and children.
  • how to play alone and with others.
  • what it means to be a member of a group.
  • how to express emotions in socially acceptable ways.
  • to develop problem solving skills and ask for help when needed.

They will also discover many new things about themselves and their world.  In order for them to achieve all these things, they need to feel secure and happy within their Kindergarten environment. We aim for the children and their families to experience an environment where they know they belong. We like to work collaboratively with parents to help the children achieve success in their Kindergarten year(s).