special programs at park orchards kinder
special programs at park orchards kinder

Additional Learning and Development Experiences


The children at Park Orchards Kindergarten are offered a range of additional experiences above the general program.  These include:

  • Several incursions each term, for example drama workshops, Marine life visits, puppetry and additional music experiences, which are included in the Kindergarten fees
  • The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program, which enhances our sustainability program
  • A sports program, run by an external company which focuses on the development of children’s gross motor skills, balance, coordination and team work
  • Vision screenings offered to each child in the 4 year old program
  • An annual Art Show where the community is welcomed to the Kindergarten to engage with the children’s visual art experiences and learning
  • A range of community events including visits from the local CFA branch, local dentist and the annual Community Christmas Carols.

All of these additional experiences (except Pee Wee sport) are included in the term fees.

drama at park orchards kinder
marine life at park orchards kinder